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  • Christina Papadimitriou

The benefits of running an instant win purchase-based contest!

Let’s begin with a lifetime fun fact about contests... There are consumers that love your brand and want to be rewarded for their trust though a prize and there are people who aren’t aware of or buy your brand, but they love to participate on every contest comes on their eye as they truly love prizes.

The benefits of a contest are many when done properly and effectively. Contests are a great way to give brands a boost in terms of awareness and connecting with their audience. But remember, benefits roll out if participants will remember your product or brand after their participation, either they win on a contest or they don’t.

Built a cost-effective but fun contest!

What brands can do to maximize consumer satisfaction while building a cost-effective contest?

Contests which combine Instant win and purchase-based logic could be the ideal choice with both benefits for brands and consumers!

Purchase-based contests

Contests connected to purchase can be cost-effective for brands and attractive to brands’ consumers. Through this method, in order someone enter the sweepstake must buy a brand’s product. With Pockee Snap, the purchase validation is being processed automatically just with a photo of consumer’s receipt, uploaded at contest’s microsite. Brands can really benefit from purchase-based sweepstakes by turning consumer’s interest & desire into action, thus improving market share.

Benefits of Purchase based contest

Boost sales

Purchase in exchange for a chance to win a prize is a great way to encourage sales. Participants may be loyal consumers, occasional consumers, or even new consumers. Thus, this type of contest can boost sales and if new consumers are satisfied from your product could be turned into loyal ones. For participants, each new purchase during contest feels like a new chance to be a winner.

Build qualitive opt in list


Enhanced sharing potential

Instant Win Contests

Instant Win logic based on our inherent love of games and our desire for instant gratification. In contrast of a traditional contest where winners must wait for the end of the contest to be informed that they have won a prize, instant win contest add a felling of gratification as the winners are being informed instantly after their participation.

Benefits of Instant Win mechanism:

Instant Gratification

Nowadays, when the average person wants something, he/she expects it now. They prefer not to wait for gratification, and therefore instant win contests can be more attractive than traditional ones. Compared to waiting for weeks or months to find out if you are a winner, playing to win instantly can be a big draw for getting participation.

Increased Web Traffic from Repeat Visits

Increased Interaction

In total, instant win contests connected to purchases add the feeling of authority and anticipation to the consumer’s journey. And this is the most important part for your total brand’s image!


At Pockee Snap we use innovated tools and technology to verify a purchase based on receipts. There are two ways we do so. According to activation type and brand’s marketing goals, we propose the appropriate technology.

Purchase validation methods

1. Receipt recognition method based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

We use advanced OCR techniques, paired with our proprietary AI algorithms in order to extract the exact products bought by the consumer. Through this technology we convert receipt’s photo to text, and we recognize the purchase of any product of a brand. This marketing technology tool enables brands to create retailer independent activations with a simple UX where the only proof of purchase required from the consumer is a photograph or a screenshot of his/her receipt. The consumer uploads their receipt and then receipt recognition technology validates or rejects the consumer’s purchase. This automated tool verifies the purchase at real time, allowing brands to run marketing activations such as instant win contest.

2. Purchase validation through integration with retailer’s systems

We are directly integrated on all major supermarket systems, practically zeroing all fraud potential. This technic is ideal for money back and cashback couponing activation, as the verification of a purchase is getting based on products’ barcodes, that are connected to our product database and retailers’ systems.


Thinking about running an activation based on consumer’s purchase? Contact us to discuss your thoughts and find out the ideal solution that represents your brand’s guidelines and serves your marketing objectives.


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