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  • Christina Papadimitriou

Choose the appropriate activation based on your marketing goals!

Increase sales at a specific retailer? Increase engagement with your target group? Increase market share against competitors? Increase repeat purchases? Or increase awareness of a new product? The daily challenges marketing and sales professionals are facing are many... But don't despair!

New technologies at the FMCG factor have revealed new options that can be innovative, attractive, and effective at the same time!

According to your goal and budget, Pockee Snap is here to suggest you the most appropriate activation!

Increase trial of a new product and build trust

If your brand just launches a new product, money back guarantee activation in a great way to increase trial and build trust against your product or brand. Money back activation is a solution that deposits the product amount to consumers after their trial. Is a great way to support new launches and encourage first trial, while brands communicate with consumers that the product will meet their expectations.

How it works: This type of activation can be applied at a specific retailer or at a national level. Consumers buy your product and if it doesn’t meet their expectation, they can visit your money back micro site to ask for a refund. The proof of purchase is consumer’s receipt, which must be uploaded at the micro site. Purchase validation is getting through our retailer integration system that is based on product barcode. After we validate the purchase the exact amount consumer bought is being deposited to consumers bank account. This type of activation can be applied with different percentage of cashback (100% full money back guarantee, 50% money back deposit and so on).

Increase your email subscribers and engagement

If you want to increase both your mail list and engagement rate, contests are a great way to do it!

Building a simply UX/UI microsite based on your brand’s guidelines can be a cost-effective solution if you want to increase your subscribers. Microsites have the benefit that can easily go digital and be promoted through social media at the right segment. Contest participation process should be simple and fun! So, while building a contest microsite, keep in mind to ask participants to fill the desire information (etc. email or phone), offer prizes that are attractive for your participants and give a bit of fun at the process. The fun part could be in order someone enters the sweepstake (from a short game to a quick survey).

Boost sales at a specific retailer or at a national level

If you want to give a boost at your sales at one or more retailers, contest based on purchase is ideal for your brand.

Purchase in exchange for a chance to win a prize is a great way to encourage sales. The process should be easy for the participant with zero-error processes. This type of contest requires the upload of a receipt’s photo. In real time, participant is being informed if he got an entrance to sweepstake/ In this type of contest, it is important to give consumers the ability to participate at the contest more than one time. More participations, more receipts, more sales 😉

Increase repeat purchases and consumers engagement

If you want to increase consumers’ satisfaction and repeat purchases, instant win contest can make it real!

Contest will be always attractive, but there are many cases that they lack the feeling of authority. Investing on building an instant win contest mechanism could benefit your brand, increase contest authority and satisfy participant’s gratification feeling and engagement. Instant win contest can be combined with a random drawing at the end of the campaign period in order to increase repeat purchase of brand’s products and consumers’ engagement with the contest and brand. By combining this type of contests, brands can give away a large volume of lower value prizes and draw one or a few high-value prizes at the end.

Build loyalty and reward your consumers

If you want to built loyalty and reward your consumers for their preference to your brand, cashback coupons are an easy-to-build activation to do so.

Pockee App is the pioneer in the digitization of discount coupons for more than 8 years. During those years we have built all necessary processes and automations that allow brands to host receipt upload process through white label solutions on their brands’ websites.

Cashback couponing campaigns use the consumer’s receipt to validate the purchase of a specific product. Purchase validation is being processed through our integration system between Pockee Suite and retailers (0% fraud process). Brands or companies present all necessary information about the cashback coupons (products, exact cashback amount, full and discounted cashback amount, available coupons per consumer), consumers upload their receipt and purchase validation is being followed. After product purchase validation, consumer is being informed about the exact amount he/she is entitled to receive and the deposit process will be followed.

If this is the right time for your brand to use alternative and innovated mechanisms to run effective marketing activations, get in contact with us!


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